My Last Doll

Another happy poem of mine... Enjoy!

The pink box was standing there opened.
In my own hands, a doll. The prettiest.
Without name, without past,
Her eyes were fixing me.
I felt in love with her from the very first moment I saw her.
Her dress, my happy thoughts
The hand of the little doll in my hand.
Nobody knew why, not even myself…
Why, why her.
My last doll, my last part of childhood,
My dreams…
Maybe my future life.
A smile from the very passed times was on my knees.
I grew up.
My last doll will be always there, but I won’t.
I will go on, and on, like the spring winds.
I will have always in my poket a part of her dress, a part of her hair –
My childish smile.
One day, you will be there,
Standing on my left –
It will be our wedding day.
From a pink box, left opened many years ago,
A blessing smile
Will make my fell again
The smell of joy of being the luckiest girl in the entire world.
And I will be so, because of that doll – the prettiest one.


kizzykat101 said...

wow thats beautiful

Antonio said...

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Sunshine in a bag said...

the meaning of life is a play on words.
everything in existence has meaning
therefore it is all meaningless.
a paradox you see?
life is an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object.

2 legit 2 quit

no squealing
but it's all in your head.

Anu said...

it's so sweet...............