For childhood

This older poem of mine was written with happy thoughts in mind. Don´t get foold by the words, look between the lines... Tears can be tears of joy and one can reach happiness through sacrifice too.

On wet, dirty streets,
Once I heard children´s voices.
I went close to them, to see them better.
They were shoeless and full of dirt,... but smilling.
And their laugh once scared the white doves,
What flew away to the infinity,
Taking with them the joy,
To make it known to the mighty clouds.
But, a dove came back on that muddy street,
It had a rosebud in its beak;
A bud; a flower which will never spread its parfume over the summer nights;
A sacrificed flower.
The dove looked arround and saw childish faces,
And maybe even wanted to stay with them.
But it was affraid to see the dying rose.
It spread its wings and slowly flew away, without looking back.
It dropped a tear in the hights, for having sacrificed a flower;
But its heart got up till the clouds, cause it did it for childhood.

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